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Search and reference from over 100 database schema you can use for your next project. Generate SQL that you can copy and paste directly to your migrations.


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Bad database design is costing companies hundreds of precious development hours every day. You need to get it right the first time. Mistakes often delays a project significantly. Or worse, results in dirty and inconsistent data. Nevermind security issues or data loss.

DbSchemaLibrary collects and analyzes real-life schemas, ensuring that they are battle-tested and fit for use. Get access to the compiled best practice of any feature you need to implement.


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Get returns from your investment within one project, use again forever. Use on any number of project without any restrictions. Receive future updates & content automatically free of charge.

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63 Handcrafted Modules

Browse from our library of handcrafted modules. Modules are small parts of an application that are reusable across different systems. Here, you will find different ways to implement specific a pattern.

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User Data

User Content & Query

User Behavior

Categorization & Classification



E-commerce & Marketplace

Analytics & Observability


API Access & 3rd Party Integration




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